How to: Freeze Lemon Juice

How to: Freeze Lemon Juice

When Tiffany and I made Lemon Pull-Apart Bread recently, we used a lot of lemon zest but just a little bit of lemon juice. She asked me if I was going to make lemonade with all the leftover juice (which is a great idea), but I love to keep lemon juice in the freezer so it’s easy to use in recipes without having to buy lemons and juice them each time.


If you freeze the juice in ice cube trays, it’s already measured for you and ready to use in recipes. Each cube equals 1 tablespoon of juice. The lemon zest freezes well too, so be sure and remove the zest before you juice the lemons.

I use the electric juicer that my husband bought years and years ago. You get a lot more juice than using a reamer or press, but you do need to strain the juice to remove the seeds and pulp.


The frozen lemon juice tastes so much better than bottled juice, and it’s just as convenient and easy to use.

It doesn’t take long for a cube of lemon juice to thaw at room temperature, or zap it in the microwave for a few seconds. You can also add the frozen lemon juice to most sauces without thawing it first.


We love lemon desserts at our house. Here’s just a few that I’ve shared:

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Or maybe you’d prefer a lemon cookie to brighten up your day.

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Start or end your day with a little sunshine:

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  1. says

    I think I use ice cube trays for things like this more than I do real ice! I love freezing things like chicken stock in those small cubes, too.

    I hadn’t thought about freezing the zest, though. Do you put that in trays or just in a ziplock bag or something?

  2. says

    A whole host of lemon recipes and a wonderful tip! I need to remember to buy some ice cube trays so that I can freeze my juice. I normally use ziploc bags, but the cubes would be much easier (and cleaner too).

  3. says

    I sometimes wish I lived in the south and could have my own lemon tree! I go through about 8 lemons a week and love them. I never thought to freeze the juice. I usually just make something using it when I have a bit left over. This is a great idea. I am thinking I could use those cubes in my iced tea or lemonade too. Thank you.

  4. says

    That’s such a good idea!!! I’ve never thought of freezing lemon juice so I don’t need to rush out and buy lemons everytime I want to make a lemon dessert ~ VERY SMART!!! 😀 Thanks for the idea!!!!

  5. Mary L says

    I find when I print your recipes on the print friendly page it not only prints the recipe but all sorts of other things. What am I doing wrong, I only want the recipe. Thanks so much.

    Mary L

    • says

      Freezing the lemon rind does not dry it out. It actually makes it more moist, so it works well in batters and sauces. I freeze it in a flat layer in a Ziploc because it tends to clump together. Thanks for the great question.

  6. says

    never ever thought to freeze my leftover lemon juice but you bet that is the first thing i am going to do next time I have a handful of leftover lemons! This is just one of those kitchen tips that is GENIUS!