Introducing Hershey’s Spreads

I’ve teamed up with Hershey’s to help introduce their new spreads. Hershey’s now offers a chocolate spread, a chocolate almond spread, and a chocolate hazelnut spread. These delightful spreads are slated to be in stores starting this weekend.

Hershey's Spreads Package

I’m a lover of chocolate hazelnut spreads, so I was excited to try Hershey’s new spreads. They sent me a package with all three spreads and lots of salty snacks to explore new spreading possibilities. I had been using chocolate hazelnut spread in recipes and spreading it on toast (okay and eating it right out of the jar on a spoon), but I hadn’t explored pairing it with salt snacks. What a great idea.

So the other night, a couple of hours after dinner when my sweet tooth came calling, I decided to give the new spreads a try. I opened all three of the jars, which felt a little bit naughty, since I’m generally a you-should-finish-one-treat-before-you-open-the-next-one kind of girl.

I was most intrigued with the chocolate almond spread because I’m an almond lover, so I tried it first. It’s smooth and creamy and definitely tasty on a salty Pretzel Thin.

Hershey's Spreads Boxed

The nut flavors aren’t in your face, they’re kind of subtle. I wondered if they were too subtle, so I asked my husband to do a blind taste test. I put each of the spreads on a spoon and had him sample them without looking. He could easily tell the three apart. So the flavors are not too subtle.

I also compared the Hershey’s Chocolate Hazelnut spread to some Nutella I had in the pantry. The Nutella has a stronger hazelnut flavor. Some of my kids don’t like Nutella because of the strong hazelnut flavor, so I think they’ll like the Hershey’s better.

Hershey's Spreads

I’ve agreed to be part of Hershey’s #spreadpossibilites campaign and will be posting four fun posts in the next few weeks. Next week I’ll do a fun pairings posts. The following week I’ll post a new recipe I’ve created using one of the spreads, and host a giveaway for a Hershey’s Spreads package. In my final post I’ll announce the giveaway winner and share some final thoughts on my adventures using the spreads.

The spread is available in stores beginning this weekend. Pick up a jar and leave me a comment letting me know what you’re spreading it on. I know some chocolate banana crepes are in my future.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hershey’s, but all opinions expressed are always my own.

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  1. Carol says

    I’ll be keeping my eyes open for these at the grocery store.. I’m anxious to try the chocolate almond flavor……AND will be looking forward to your recipe creations, Barbara. :)

  2. says

    I will keep an eye out for them. I buy Nutella as my niece adores it on apple slices. I took her to a tea shop once and they fanned sliced apples into a rose with a ramekin of nutella or dipping and she got hooked (and fruit, so I think it is a good snack.) The boys don’t care for it because of the strong nut flavor … Thanks for sharing this. I will let you know when I find it…

  3. Connie says

    I love the pretzel crisps and also chocolate, so I will definitely look the spreads up when I shop next week after the storm.

  4. Janette says

    I’ll be looking for these too. I don’t care for Nutella. I tried Jiff’s version. I thought it was pretty good. I got a free sample of it from a cooking show I attended or I probably wouldn’t have bought it.