Overnight English Muffins

Overnight English Muffin Recipe from Barbara Bakes

Homemade English muffins softer and more delicious than anything that comes out of a package. 

Red Star Yeast asked if I’d like to create an English Muffins recipe to share on Barbara Bakes and the Red Star website. It seemed like an easy task, but I had to make lots of batches of muffins before I found just the right combination of ingredients and technique to make a fabulous English Muffin.

Baking English Muffins on a Griddle - Overnight English Muffin Recipe from Barbara Bakes

While researching English muffins, I found recipes that were more roll-like, and recipes that were more crumpet-like using a liquid dough and egg rings to shape the muffins. I wanted a dough that was easy to handle, but also had lots of nooks and crannies for the butter to melt in to. Using a wet, sticky dough and allowing the dough to rise overnight on the counter gave me the perfect combination I was looking for.

I used Red Star Active Dry Yeast in this recipe. I like to add the yeast to the flour mixture in a stand mixer and then add the liquids. It’s quick and super easy when you let your mixer do the work. Use an instant read thermometer to make sure the liquids are 120° – 130°. If your liquids are too hot, you can kill the yeast.

Overnight English Muffins- Homemade English muffins softer and more delicious than anything that comes out of a package.

Buttermilk powder added to the flour gave the English muffins a richer flavor, and the overnight rise on the counter boost the flavor even more. So be sure and makes these the night before you want to serve them.

English muffins are best when served toasted and slathered with butter and your favorite jam.

Overnight English Muffins

Yield: 8 to 10 muffins

Overnight English Muffins


  • 2 1/2 - 3 cups bread flour
  • 1 packet (2 1/4 teaspoons) Red Star active dry yeast
  • 1/4 cup cultured buttermilk powder
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup water (120°-130°)
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted


In a large mixing bowl, combine 2 cups flour, yeast, buttermilk powder, sugar and salt.

Add water and butter to flour-yeast mixture. Beat 1 minute at low speed. Scrape down dough from sides of bowl. Gradually add more flour to form a soft, sticky dough.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let it rest overnight on the counter.

Sprinkle surface with flour. Gently remove dough from bowl and roll dough to 1/4-inch thickness with a floured rolling pin. Cut into 8 to 10 4-inch circles.* Place on a greased cookie sheet. Cover and let rise until indentation remains after touching, about one hour.

Preheated electric griddle to 300°. Spray griddle with non-stick cooking spray and sprinkle with cornmeal. Carefully place muffins on griddle and bake 10 minutes on each side or until sides are deep golden brown. Cool on wire rack.

To serve, split and toast.


*I cut out eight circles then gathered the dough up and roll it out again and cut out two more muffins.


Update: I’ve had several questions about the buttermilk powder. In my area it’s very easy to find at the grocery store in the baking aisle. If you can find it, pick some up and try it in this recipe and also next time you make pancakes or waffles. If you can’t find it, I haven’t tried using buttermilk, but I assume it would work just fine, although you may have to adjust the flour to liquid ratio and add a little water as well. The Kitchn lists some good buttermilk substitutes you could try. You could also just omit the buttermilk powder.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Red Star Yeast, but all opinions expressed are always my own.  You can also find Red Star Yeast on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

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  1. Kathy Plouff says

    Bob’s Red Mill has an excellent buttermilk powder, and you can order it online. I live not far from the mill, and it ia wonderful place to visit!

  2. says

    English Muffins are one of those things that I have always wanted to try making homemade, but have never gotten to it. This recipes is officially added to my to-do list for this week!

  3. Vickie S. says

    Oh my goodness, I made these English muffins yesterday and they came out perfect! The only thing I changed was that I don’t own a griddle, but I do own a huge paella pan, so I placed them on it, all towards the middle before the sides start curving. I estimated the temp and just went by touch while I watched them. It was easy! I must say I’ve tried quite a few English muffin recipes over the years, and although I love a good challenge, they are not the easiest things to make. Barbara, this recipe is not only the easiest, but tastes the best by far! Sooo much better than store bought. Thank you so much!

  4. April says

    Hi Barbara, these look so delicious. My husband and I love English muffins; yet I was wondering if I could substitute whole wheat flour in place of the white flour? Have you ever thought of making Whole Wheat English Muffins? I’ve only ever seen them in the grocery store once and I believe they’re healthier.

      • April says

        Excellent! I’ll have to try them 50/50 but first to find the Buttermilk powder up where I live won’t be an easy task. Thank you Barbara.

  5. Isabel in Spain says

    Hi Barbara, my family and I are big fans of English muffins and whenever we are in the states they are our breakfast staple for the duration of our stay. So it is great to see this pretty easy recipe to make and enjoy here in Spain. My problem is that although I can purchase buttermilk thanks to LIDL a German supermarket chain which carries it I cannot find buttermilk powder. How then do I make the change in the recipe? How much buttermilk should I substitute for the powder? Thanks for all the great recipes!! Hoping to hear from you soon…

    • says

      Hi Isabel – so glad you enjoy my recipes! I haven’t tried it with buttermilk, but I would try using 3/4 cup buttermilk and 1/4 cup water instead of the 1 cup water. Also, I’ve added an update below the recipe with a link to other suggested substitutions for buttermilk. Enjoy!

  6. Anna says

    These look amazing! I’ve always wanted to try making English muffins at home. Where can I find buttermilk powder? I don’t think I’ve seen it before but maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough. And would regular buttermilk work instead? Thanks!

    • says

      Thanks Anna! Powdered buttermilk is usually easy to find at the grocery store. Just look in the baking aisle. I didn’t try it with buttermilk, but I assume regular buttermilk would work, although you may have to add a little water as well because buttermilk is thicker.

  7. says

    These look delicious and I can’t wait to try them! Can you recommend a substitute for the cultured buttermilk powder if I don’t have any? Thank you!

  8. says

    I have a note, right here on my desk, to make English Muffins. Now you have done all the research and testing for me. Thanks! They look perfect and I can’t wait to try them.

  9. Carol says

    I was just telling Bob that I need to start making English Muffins rather than buying them because they’ve gotten so skimpy in the store. Crispy on the inside English Muffins are our bun of choice for burgers…and what’s better than homemade? Can’t wait to give these a try.

    Thanks Barbara :)