Rat Brownie Bites Forever Nigella: Halloween Horrors

My talented, award-winning travel writer/food blogger, virtually adopted Australian daughter Lorraine, Not Quite Nigella, loves Halloween. Every year she hosts a fabulous Halloween party complete with costumes and spooky food.

This year she posted Rat Plague Brownie Bites! Such a creepy, fun and delicious idea.

The current Forever Nigella blogging challenge is Forever Nigella: Halloween Horrors. I was looking for a fun way to add a Halloween twist to a Nigella recipe, so when I saw Lorraine’s rats it seemed like a match made in heaven. Or should I say some place spookier?

I used Nigella’s Everyday Brownie recipe to make Not Quite Nigella’s Rats! Dark chocolate brownies are dipped in chocolate and dressed up with eyes, ears, nose, whiskers, and a tail.

It was a fun, but frustrating project. Frustrating because the brownies were a bit dry and didn’t want to squish together to form the rat shape. (I probably overcooked them.) So I resorted to adding a bit of water while I was shaping the brownies. It didn’t work perfectly but good enough to get a few creepy looking rats.

I’m serving these rats tonight when my new grandson comes trick or treating at grandma’s house for the first time. I’m also serving Ghost of Monte Cristo sandwiches for dinner. I’m hoping to get some fun picture of the sandwiches and my grandson. I’ll try and update my post tomorrow with additional pictures.

Update: Here’s the pics from tonight. The sandwiches were fun, but just alright. Having my grandson stop by to trick or treat priceless!!

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  1. says

    Oh Barbara, your grandson is fabulous and gorgeous! Oh boy you must be proud, thrilled and all over him! Adorable! Congratulations again, Grandma! And I saw these rats on Lorraine’s blog and think they are too funny! Or should they be scary? And I love Lorraine and hope one day to attend one of her glorious, infamous Halloween Parties!

  2. says

    I’m late to the Halloween party, but I love these! Lorraine is awesome, as are you, and these brownie rats are creepy and lovely at the same time! Your grandson is just precious! :)

  3. says

    So cute! We make a version of these for Christmas using half of an oreo, maraschino cherries with stems and Chocolate Kisses, melted chocolate, sliced almonds and red and green icing gel.

  4. Sandra says

    I am scared of rats yet still I am tempted to give your chocolate rats a try. Besides, I think your chocolate rats look delicious. Wow, your grandson is so cute and it is his first Halloween. I am so happy for him.

  5. says

    Your little grandson is absolutely adorable. Truly – he is a beautiful little baby! I’ll bet he will enjoy all of his grandma’s awesome treats as he is growing up. These Halloween rats are really fun.

  6. says

    that baby boy is amazingly adorable!!!!! what a fun halloween “treat” for you, grandma :) also… the rats??? awesome! my dad calls “K” a rat so i’d have loved to do these!!! we made him a chocolate/peanut butter rat from a candy mold :) she wrote… “from the RAT!!!”

  7. says

    Love your grandson’s pumpkin outfit and his little bib! He’s a honey for sure.
    Lorraine’s little mice are the perfect treat for trickers on Halloween.

  8. says

    Way too cute! I saw these on Lorraine’s blog too, eating the bloodied arm, he he. Great work even though the brownies didn’t want to co-operate at first. And your grandson is just the cutest little pumpkin :)

  9. says

    Love these-they are super cute and perfect for the kids. I always hate when I get into a food project and get tired of doing it but I think they turned out terrific! I bet your going to have a wonderful time with your grandson. Hope you have a great day!

  10. says

    Oh, what adorable little mice!! I’m glad they’re not scary looking, cause I don’t like scary for Halloween. Hubby and I are into cute pumpkins, scarecrows and gourds, but not the goulish stuff. Hope you have a super Halloween:)

  11. says

    Mum they look fantastic!!! I’m so pleased that you made them and honored too! Sorry to hear that they were dry- I haven’t used Nigellas everyday brownie recipe. My little ratties were moist so thankfully stuck together easily. I think also using soft chocolate frosting might be good? But they look perfect!! Happy Halloween mum! Xxx

    • says

      Thanks Lorraine! Using frosting would have been a brilliant idea. Of course anyone making them should probably just use your recipe. So glad you liked my post.