Dan Lepard Garlic Bread

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Natashya, Living in the Kitchen with Puppies, this month’s Bread Baking Babes host choose to bake Dan Lepard Garlic Bread. This isn’t your typical garlic bread slathered in butter and sprinkled with a little garlic on top. Oh no. It’s an olive oil bread with pan roasted garlic lightly sweetened with balsamic vinegar and rosemary folded and bake inside.

Dan Lepard Garlic Bread

It’s a time consuming recipe and you need to make it on a day when you’ll be home all day because it takes more than five hours to make. Most of that is just waiting time, but the dough does requires some attention at least every half hour.


The bread is definitely worth the time. The roasted garlic flavor is mild and sweet. It’s a very wet dough which yields a tender, moist amazingly flavorful bread. I served it with balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dipping.

Natashya has the recipe on Living in the Kitchen with Puppies and Dan has the recipe with extensive step-by-step pictures on DanLepard.com. I divided the dough in half instead of thirds so I could bake it easily on my pizza stone. It’s a fun, get your hands dirty playing with the dough recipe.


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