Favorite Cookies 2012

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I know some of you are still looking for the perfect cookies to bake for Santa. Here’s a roundup of 12 of my favorite cookie recipes that I know Santa would love too.

1 – Chocolate Nutella Caramel Filled Cookies: a rich, chewy, brownie-like chocolate Nutella cookie with a melted, gooey caramel in the middle. An irresistible cookie I created for World Nutella Day.

2 – Black Forest Crinkle Cookies: a soft, rich delicious chocolate cookie loaded with chocolate chips and tart dried cherries. It’s rolled in powdered sugar so there is a beautiful contrast between the crackled white outside and dark chocolatey inside.

3 – Cherry Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Toffee Cookies: a chewy chocolate chip cookie loaded with oatmeal, dried cherries and toffee. The toffee adds crunch and a delicious caramel flavor, which blends perfectly with the rich chocolate chips and tart cherries.

4 – White Chocolate Kissed Gingerbread Cookies: soft gingerbread cookies dressed up with white chocolate Kisses with milk chocolate swirls. The Kiss melts into a soft, melty puddle of creamy white chocolate – a perfect contrast to the soft, spicy cookie


5 –Lemon Bar Cookie Cups: a sweet, slightly crumbly cookie filled with tart, silky smooth lemon curd, dressed up with a sprinkle of powdered sugar. If you’re a lemon bar lover, you’ll love this cookie cup version. It’s easy to make, and easier to serve than lemon bars.

6 – Caramel Delight Brownie Bites: a rich, fudgy brownie filled with caramel, coconut and drizzled with chocolate. The flavors of a Samoa cookie in a decadent little brownie bite.

7 – Peanut Butter Nutella Cookie Cups: our favorite peanut butter cookie recipe in a fun cookie cup. I roll it in turbinado sugar so there is a little bit of crunch on the outside, which is a wonderful contrast to the fudgy cookie and smooth creamy Nutella middle.

8 – Fudge-Filled Toffee Pecan Sandies: loaded with toffee and filled with a rich, creamy fudge, the cookie is rolled in sugar before baking, and the top is sandy and crisp like a Pecan Sandy, while the bottom is softer and chewy like a chocolate chip cookie.


9 – Orange Cranberry Rugelach Cookies: adapted from Dorie’s Greenspan’s rugelach recipe, flavored with orange and cranberries. These flaky, sweet and tart little treats are a delicious Jewish pastry but I’m sure Santa would love them too.

10 – Lime Meltaways really do melt in your mouth. They have a crunchy/sandy texture and a sweet/tart taste that I love.

11 – Orange Nutella Pinwheel Cookies: if you’re a Nutella addict like me, you’ll love these cookies! They taste like a crunchy, sandy Terry’s orange chocolate that you get at Christmastime.

12 – World Peace Cookies: another great Dorie Greenspan recipe. It is a chocolate shortbread cookie but a little bit chewy because of the brown sugar in them.

Christmas Sugar Cookies decorated and resting on a cooling rack

I still haven’t baked my cookies for Santa. Looks like I’ll be baking on Christmas Eve this year. We have always baked sugar cookies for Santa. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post some pictures to share them with you soon. (Updated with picture. I especially like the cute snowmen my daughter decorated this year.)

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a new year filled with love and laughter.

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originally published December 23, 2012 — last updated July 9, 2018
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