Hokey Pokey for the Royal Wedding

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Hokey Pokey for the Royal Wedding

Mardi, eat. live. travel. write., is hosting Forever Nigella April: It’s a Royal Street Party. I love a good street party so naturally I wanted to join in on the fun. I went to the library and checked out two of Nigella’s wonderful cookbooks.


The Hokey Pokey recipe caught my eye. (Hokey Pokey is the Cornish term for honeycomb.) She describes it as “the perfect present to take to a dinner party. Better than flowers…no one can resist a bit of Hokey Pokey.”

So having picked out a perfect, irresistible party recipe, I decided to present it in a golden container with red tissue paper. Very elegant for street food I thought. The recipe was so simple I didn’t even worry about that part.


Unfortunately, I guess I can’t Hokey Pokey! I tried this recipe twice and both times ended up with huge ugly blobs. My first thought was not to post it, but since someone recently asked me if there was anything I couldn’t make, I thought it was time to post another failure. I’m blaming this failure on my high altitude. But I do think posting the failure shows some “Nigella-ness”.


I’m scheduling this to post about the time of the Royal Wedding. I wish the Royal Couple much happiness and good fortune. I won’t be staying up to watch the event live, but am looking forward to seeing the Princess’s dress.

Thanks Mardi for hosting this month. I’m also looking forward to the roundup of delicious Royal Wedding party food. Visit the Forever Nigella home page for more information about joining the fun next month.

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