Key Lime Cream Cheese Pie and Spring Flower Macarons

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Key Lim eCream Cheese Pie

It’s a busy week for food bloggers. Pi Day is on March 14, St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17, and Macaron Day is March 20. So many fun food holidays in one week! I wanted to celebrate all these holidays, but was running out of time to get everything baked and posted. So I thought why not make something that celebrates all these holidays in one dessert.

Pie is one of my favorite desserts, so that was an obvious choice and limes are green, so that covers St. Patrick’s Day, and I topped my pie with a Key Lime Macaron for Macaron Day.

I love key lime pie (and yes I know key lime pie should not be green – except for St. Patrick’s Day) and I really love frozen key lime pie on a stick dipped in chocolate from Kermits’ Key West Lime Shoppe, in Florida. So I decided to add a chocolate twist to my key lime pie and make a chocolate crumb crust, which lead me to Epicurious’ Chocolate Crumb Crust recipe, which lead me to Epicurious’ Key Lime Pie recipe.

I decided to try the Epicurious key lime pie recipe because it was a cross between key lime pie and key lime cheesecake and I thought it would make a yummy macaron filling as well. And it did! I had to thicken it up a bit with powdered sugar, but I actually loved it as a filling way more than I liked it as a pie filling.


The pie was just alright, not something I’d make again, but the macs were delicious. I added a bit of Country Time Lemonade powder and key lime zest to the shells and with the tart key lime filling it was a delicious contrast to the sweetness of the macaron.

The challenge for MacTweets was to create Spring Flower macarons. I had visions of a deep leaf green shell. You know the color of leaves bursting out of the snow on a warm Spring day. But I never made it to the store to buy the green paste food coloring so let’s just pretend they’re that color.


But the best part of baking gorgeous dark green macs was that my sweet friend Tiifany, Food Finery, invited me to make them at her house! She made homemade bread and delicious stuffed mushrooms. We laughed and had the best time while we baked, and we both got pretty feet. Baking with a friend really is so much more fun. Thanks Tiff!


Tiffany posted the mac recipe we used on Food Finery. Be sure and stop by and check it out and see her scrumptious Burgundy Vanilla Bean Macs with Blood Orange Buttercream. Also, stop by MacTweets on March 20 to see the beautiful roundup of Spring Flower Macarons. The MacTweeters have outdone themselves on this challenge.

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