Pink Flamingo Macarons for Mac Tweets

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This month for Mac Tweets we’re  taking a walk on the wild side and creating a macaron inspired by the wild animal of our choice. Most of you probably don’t know that a flock of flamingos lives at my house. Every year for the last 26 years, Santa Flamingo delivers a flamingo to my husband to join the flock. Sometimes more than one flamingo a year takes up residence at our house.


Since we all know flamingos enjoy macarons, I decided to invite the flock inside for a macaron party. Many of the flamingos were shy and didn’t want to come out of hiding to get their picture taken. The toilet plunger flamingo is an especially shy variety.


I bought my first box of Wilton Icing Colors so that my flamingo macs would be a gorgeous pink color. I don’t know if I was too worried about getting the color right and didn’t whip my egg whites enough, or if it was the fact that I only left the egg whites on the counter a couple of hours, or maybe it was all the rain we’ve been getting, but no matter the reason, my batter was too thin.


I added some extra almond meal and powdered sugar, but not enough. I knew it wasn’t going to pipe well as soon as i was putting it in the bag. But at that point I figured it was probably over mixed and I wasn’t going to get feet anyway, so I just forged ahead. I’ve decided the reason they all ran together was because they are flamingo macs and flamingos live in colonies and don’t like to be alone.


I used the Ottolenghi Macaron recipe that I’ve posted before and added a teaspoon of lemonade powder. I filled them with some Strawberry Freezer Jam I made recently. These weren’t the prettiest macs I’ve ever made, but they were delicious, maybe even my favorite flavor yet. The flamingos seem very pleased with the macs made in their honor.


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