Recipe Rewind: Lighter Chicken Parmesan

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Lighter Chicken Parmesan – from the Best Light Recipe cookbook by Cook’s Illustrated, a fabulous Chicken Parmesan recipe. It’s crispy, cheasy, healthy and delicious.

Instead of frying chicken cutlets in lots of oil, they’re baked so they’re crispy and cheesy, but also healthy and delicious.

Today’s post is my second recipe rewind post. Each month I’ll feature a terrific recipe I posted when I first started blogging that you may have missed. This Lighter Chicken Parmesan recipe is one my daughter makes often and she commented that it needed an update. It’s one of her husband’s favorites.

If you love chicken Parmesan but don’t like all the calories, I’m sure this will become one of your favorites too. Visit my Lighter Chicken Parmesan post for the recipe.

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