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Have you traveled solo? It’s becoming more and more popular. The Red Mountain Resort set in the beautiful red rock hills of southern Utah is a luxurious adventure resort and the perfect solo travel destination. Learn more about the Solo Travel Red Mountain Resort experience.

Red Mountain Resort Outdoor Pool

When a trip I’d planned with my husband unexpectedly got canceled, I found myself looking for a solo vacation spot. I wanted to go somewhere I could unwind and relax but also have fun and be active. The Red Mountain Resort fit the bill exactly. It was only a few hours drive from my home and was just the break I needed from work.

Solo Travel

According to an article in Via

About one in four travelers went solo in 2018. A recent survey by British Airways of women in eight countries (the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, India, and China) found that almost 50 percent of them have taken a vacation by themselves; 75 percent planned to do so in the future.

“As more people live, eat, and travel alone, more travel companies and restaurateurs are finding ways to cater to them—which in turn is making going alone easier and more commonplace,” says Stephanie Rosenbloom, the New York–based author of Alone Time: Four Seasons, Four Cities, and the Pleasures of Solitude. “Traveling solo nowadays is for anyone who wants it—singles, partners, parents— regardless of age or situation.”

When researching a place to visit, I found lots of great articles about solo travel. The Solo Traveler and Women Traveling Together have lots of great tips about solo travel. 

Having never traveled solo, these sites helped alleviate my concerns and empowered me to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. The Red Mountain Resort was recommended, and I felt safe and welcomed as a solo traveler. 

Red Mountain Resort

collage of activities at the Red Mountain Resort

When you check-in at the Red Mountain Resort, you’re given a list of daily activities, excursions you can sign up for, and a refillable water bottle so you can stay hydrated. There are refilling stations throughout the resort, which is a nice perk and environmentally friendly. 

The daily calendar of events is online as well, so you can plan out your days. There’s always something happening, or you can choose to just relax at one of the pools or spa. 

The excursions include kayaking, rock climbing, rappelling, biking, hiking, adventure trips to Zion Natural Park which is only an hour away, and more. The fitness classes varied from yoga and pilates to Zumba and water aerobics. There are guided walks or you can head out on your own up nearby Snow Canyon. 

collage from the Red Mountain Resort Spa

Destination Spa

In addition to being an adventure resort, the Red Mountain Resort is also a destination spa. There’s definitely a focus on helping individuals develop a healthy lifestyle through relaxation sessions and therapeutic spa treatments.

They have a full-service spa and salon, so you can pamper yourself by getting your hair and nails done, or enjoy personalized massages, facials, and more.

While I was there, I’d take a fitness class in the morning and then spend the afternoon reading a good book or chatting with someone at the pool or in the hot tub. Of course, I also enjoyed an hour-long massage one afternoon.  

collage of Red Mountain Resort Grounds

The grounds of the resort are beautiful and there are cozy spaces around every corner where you can relax, soak in the sun and enjoy the spectacular red rock scenery. I spent some time reading in the hammock shown above. Although I jumped in it too quickly at first and landed on the ground. Fortunately, no one was around at the time to see my fall lol. 

One day, I went early to my water aerobics class so I’d have plenty of time to relax with a good book by the pool before the class started. 

collage of Red Mountain Resort Cooking Demo

Nearly every day they had a cooking demo. The cooking demos are limited to a small group, so you need to sign up in advance.

One of the head chefs at the resort teaches the class. The class I attend the chef taught us how to make a healthy, flavorful roasted corn salad using fresh herbs and roasted vegetables instead of heavy dressings and ingredients. I always love being in the kitchen with a chef and learning their secrets. 

Canyon Breeze Restaurant Red Mountain Resort

At night you can make a reservation for a table for one or more, or ask to join the community table. The community table is perfect for solo travelers who don’t feel like dining alone. 

I ate at the community table two nights and it was so fun getting to know the other women, many who were also solo travelers from across the country as well as Canada. Many of the women I met at the community table come to the Red Mountain Resort every year. 

The community table was a great way to make friends that you’d see later at excursions and classes, as well as get tips on fun things to do at the resort from the veterans who had been at the resort before. 

Dessert and menus Canyon Breeze Restaurant Red Mountain Resort

Daily menus are posted outside the restaurant in the morning so you can plan your day. The meals are delicious, with an emphasis on healthy, whole foods and small but satisfying portions.

Dessert was an option every night. Typically they were lighter dessert and fresh fruit was always an option.  

Key Lime Cashew Bars

One of my favorite desserts at the resort was on the lunch buffet. The Key Lime Coconut Cashew Bars. My version of their dessert is pictured above. They were little bites of tropical deliciousness. I loved them so much, I asked for the recipe, and the Resort graciously sent me the recipe to share with my readers. I posted the recipe today, so be sure and check it out too! 

Retreat Packages

Red Mountain Resort offers package prices that include meals, classes, and spa treatments. You choose whether you’re interested in an adventure retreat, health and wellness retreat, or even a weight loss retreat.

Since my visit was last minute, I opted to book everything separately. If I had booked sooner, I could have taken advantage of the Dragonfly Solo package which included a free massage. 

collage of activities at Red Mountain Resort

If you’re interested in staying at the Red Mountain Resort, I recommend signing up for their monthly newsletter, as well as checking out their Special Offers page. They frequently offer great discounts.

I hope to return to The Red Mountain Resort again soon. Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or planning a girls getaway, it’s the perfect balance of an active yet relaxing vacation and a great way to pamper yourself. 

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post and Red Mountain Resort did not pay for my expenses at the resort. Many of the pictures included in this post are used courtesy of Red Mountain Resort. All opinions expressed are always my own. 

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