The best way to eat a sweet, juicy, ripe peach is with the juice dripping down your hands, but if you want to bake with them, you’ll want to slip off the skins and slice them up.

What Types Of Peaches Should I Buy?

Most of the peaches available at the grocery store are freestone peaches. If you buy peaches at a farmer’s market or have a peach tree, they may be clingstone peaches.

How Do I Know A Peach Is Ripe?

If a peach is ripe, it will be slightly soft. If it’s hard to the touch, it’s not ripe. It should also smell sweet and have a dark yellow color.

Blanch The Peaches To Remove The Skins

Place the peaches in boiling water for 45 seconds

After 45 seconds, remove the peach from the boiling water and plunge it into ice water.

Use a small paring knife to easily peel the skin off the peaches.

Put the peach cut side down and make lengthwise cuts through each peach half.

Find the natural indent of the peach, start at the stem and cut the peach in half.

Slice The Peaches

TIP: If you have clingstone peaches, the peach won’t twist apart. Instead, make slices all around the outside of the peeled peach. Use a paring knife to cut each slice away from the pit.