Dream Puffs Cookbook Announcement

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Dream Puffs Cookbook Announcement

Today I’m super excited to officially announce that I’ve written a cookbook! It’s called Dream Puffs and will be available to purchase in October 2015. It’s all about cream puffs, eclairs, and profiteroles.

Dream Puffs by Barbara Schieving

I’ve been baking puffs in my kitchen for over 30 years. These luscious desserts are easy to make at home for a fraction of the cost of buying them at a bakery. In Dream Puffs in addition to the recipes, there are tips and templates that make cream puff baking even easier.

Helene Dujardin photographing Dream Puffs

My publisher is Oxmoor House, the cookbook division of Time, Inc. Dream Puffs is part of their Simply Sweet series of cookbooks.

I spent two days this week in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama at Oxmoor House’s offices watching Helene Dujardin, the senior photographer at Oxmoor House, and the talented team at Oxmoor House while they worked their magic creating the fabulous pictures for Dream Puffs. 

Collage of the Dream Puffs Team

Helene’s photo stylist while I was there was Catherine Steele (Cat), along with styling fellow, Amanda Widis. My wonderful editor, Allison Cox, and  talented graphic designer for the cookbook, Maribeth Jones, stopped by the set to help select the perfect cover photo.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Felicity Keane the creative director, Grace Parisi the executive food director, Iain Bagwell the executive director of photography, Caroline Smith photography fellow, Mindi Shapiro senior photo stylist, Margaret Dickey photo stylist, and the test kitchen developer who tested my recipes, Callie Nash.

Cat styling Dream Puffs Cream Puffs

The food stylists bring a cart from the test kitchen to the set filled with the food, and everything they need to create gorgeous food for each shot. The cart is filled with paint brushes, tweezers, spray bottles, baby wipes for cleaning up messes and so much more.

Collage of props at Oxmoor House

The Oxmoor House prop rooms are filled top to bottom with dishes, pans, glasses, serving plates, napkins, table cloths, and utensils. It’s a food bloggers dream to have so many styling options.

Cat Drizzling Eclairs for Dream Puffs

I learned so many little tips to creating prettier food for my photos. Here Cat’s using a painting sponge to perfectly drizzle glaze on the eclairs.

There was a notebook filled with photos they’ve already taken, and I can’t wait for you to see them too. The cookbook is going to be gorgeous with a photo of every delicious dessert.

Creme de Menthe Profiteroles

Most people are familiar with cream puffs and eclairs, but not profiteroles. Profiteroles are cream puff shells filled with ice cream and served like a sundae with gooey ice cream toppings.

Chocolate eclairs have been my favorite dessert since I was a little girl, but since creating all the fun, new recipes for Dream Puffs I can’t pick a favorite. I love them all and hope you will too.

Update: Simply Sweet Dream Puffs: Shockingly Easy Fun-Filled Treats!Image and Blog is now available on Amazon!

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