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Russian Braided Bread ion a cooling tray.

Russian Braided Bread with Pesto Filling

This Russian Braided Bread is a beautiful yeast bread filled with savory pesto. Braiding creates a show-stopping loaf that looks impressive but is quite simple to put together!

Braided bread recipes come in all sorts of flavors and colors. They’re traditionally Eastern European, but you can find recipes with flavors from all over the world. While some loaves are straight and long, like Challah, others, like this recipe, are rolled into a neat circle.

I filled this braided loaf with classic basil pesto. When braided into the flakey layers of dough, pesto gives a beautiful color and delicious cheesy and herby flavor to our Russian Braided Bread.

Since I originally posted this braided pesto bread recipe, I received lots of positive feedback from all of you! I’ve updated the post and recipe to answer your most common questions.

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