Recipe Rewind: Perfecting Snickerdoodle Bread


If you like a Snickerdoodle cookie, you’re going to love Snickerdoodle bread. It has a crispy cinnamon sugar topping with a sweet, buttery, tangy interior. I’ve also added another layer of cinnamony goodness by loading it with luscious cinnamon chips.

Some of my family’s most loved recipes were recipes I posted when I first started blogging. I didn’t have very many followers. I only had a point and shoot camera, and I didn’t have any experience taking food photos. When I redesigned my site recently, I updated every post with the new Ziplist recipe format which makes it easy to print and save recipes. It was fun to look back at posts I’d written years ago, but the pictures really need updating too.


Snickerdoodle Bread is my first recipe rewind.  Snickerdoodle bread has become very popular on Pinterest. Lots of other food bloggers have blogged about Snickerdoodle bread since I posted it. In fact, one blogger’s picture has been pinned nearly 500,000 times. So I thought it was time to update my Snickerdoodle post with some great new pictures and highlight it for my readers who may have missed it when I first posted it.

In addition to updating the pictures, I also tweaked the recipe a little bit. The bread tasted fantastic, but the loaves were kinda flat on top. I wanted it to have the classic quick bread dome shape, especially since I’m taking loaves to share at the Big Traveling Pot Luck this weekend. So with the addition of one more egg and a bit more flour, I believe I’ve achieved Snickerdoodle bread perfection.

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I created Snickerdoodle bread to sale at the Great American Bakes Sale. This year the Share Our Strength’s Bake Sale National Challenge Week is April 25th- May 1st. You can visit their website or Facebook page to find a Bake Sale in your area, or participate in a virtual bake sale.

I hope you’ll enjoy my recipe rewind posts. I’ll highlight some of the my favorite recipes that you may have missed with pretty, new pictures and additional recipe info and tips.

Visit my Snickerdoodle post for the new and improved Snickerdoodle recipe.

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  1. Karla says

    I make it X3 and my husband takes it to work and his boss buys each loaf and shares it with all the guys but saves 1 loaf for home… it great they love they flat crunchy top.. tried coating the pan with cinnamon and sugar like you would amish friendship bread but some people said it was to sticky for them..I do have to bake it for a long time but it is so worth it..

    • says

      That’s so fun. I’m glad everyone loves it. By baking it a long time do you mean longer than the recipe time? Are you baking it in disposable tins? I’ve noticed that can make a big difference. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. says

    Posted your recipe on my blog for the snickerdoodle bread.
    I made the first version and I printed off the new recipe after you posted it but have not made it yet…..Andi thewednesdaybaker

  3. Paula W. says

    P.S. I found my cinnamon chips on the internet via Amazon. Just go to Amazon and search for them. I purchased 6 bags at one time for $16.62. Because I was ordering other things and my total was above $35 I got free shipping and enough cinnamon chips to make 6 batches (or 30 loaves). Can’t beat that.

  4. Paula W. says

    LOVE your recipe. I’ve already made it 3X’s. I did find that I had to bake it longer, probably an additional 15 minutes even though my oven is correctly calibrated. One minor addition I made to the recipe – after spraying the loaf pans I sprinkle cinnamon/sugar mixture inside the loaf pan and also sprinkle on top of the bread after filling the loaf pan. Of course, you have to increase the amount of cinnamon/sugar mix you make but that is something I have on hand all the time. The bread then comes out of the pan easily and cleanly and your bread is surrounded on all sides by the cinnamon/sugar goodness.

    • says

      Hi Paula – so glad you’re loving the recipe. Are you baking the mini loaves for 15 minutes longer or the full size loaves? Are you using disposable pans? Sometimes they reflect the heat and take longer.

      Thanks for sharing your idea to coat the pans with the cinnamon sugar. I’ll have to give that a try next time I make it.

  5. Tiffany says

    This bread is amazing! So moist and delicious. I just found your site today and look forward to making many more of your recipes! Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Lisa – if you want to keep with the snickerdoodle flavor, I’d just leave them out. But if you don’t mind changing it up a bit you could use a butterscotch chip. Thanks for the question.

  6. Peggy T says

    I’m so glad you brought this back and I found it. I made it this weekend -2 large loaves and it is melt in your mouth fantastic. Hubs loved this for breakfast, dessert and snack. I was afraid of all the cinnamon chips but it was perfect. Thanks for a great recipe I will be making again!

  7. Carol says

    YUMMMMMMMM-my friend Cyndy made this back when you first posted the recipe and told me how wonderful it is……I haven’t gotten around to making it yet but that’s soon to change-I have a lot of cinnamon chips that need a home and this bread is the perfect place.

    Thank you Barbara.


  8. Teryl says

    I’ve baked your original snickerdoodle bread recipe a number of times and loved it.
    However, you are right about the flat top.
    So I’m excited you have a new and improved version.
    I will definitely give it a try.
    Thank so much for sharing.

  9. says

    Pinning this now, and your bread certainly looks perfect. So sad I am missing the potluck; hope all you Utah people are having fun!