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Unfortunately Ziplist is no longer available.

Manage your shopping list and search for recipes from across the web at
I’ve added a Save Recipe button to each recipe post, so you can save your favorites to your own personal ZipList recipe boxes, along with any other recipes you find across the web. You can also save the recipe ingredients to your online shopping lists with one click.

Ziplist Recipe Box

Ziplist Shopping List

Meal Planner

Grocery Deals

You can access your recipe box and shopping list from my website, and using free mobile apps so you have what you need to plan meals and grocery shop wherever you go.

I’ve teamed up with ZipList to make this happen. They power the online recipe boxes and shopping lists you see at, The Daily Meal and Joy of Baking, as well as many food blogs. You can save recipes from any of these websites, including mine, and they’ll all be saved in one place. No more hunting from site-to-site to track down your favorite recipes.