Crumpets and Nutella

I fell in love with crumpets and Nutella on our trip to Australia. So I thought it would be fun to make them at home. I bought some cute little egg rings, found an easy recipe online, and left the dough to rise covered with some plastic wrap on the counter while I went out to do some gardening. When I came back in the house the dough was flowing like lava out of the bowl on to the counter.

I cleaned up the mess, heated up the grilled, sprayed the rings with Pam and filled the rings with dough. Unfortunately, the cute little, piece of crap, egg rings I bought that were suppose to be non-stick stuck, so I had to get a knife and cut them out of the rings.

The dough was too thick and didn’t bubble up, so I added some more milk and in the end abandoned the egg rings and just made crumpet crepes. My sad little crumpets didn’t have that nice texture that I remembered from Australia, but when I spread them with Nutella they were tasty. Well the Nutella was tasty any way. And yes, I did lick the knife.