Green Apple and Caramel Macarons

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Today’s post is brought to you by the number 2 and the color green. And by this month’s Mac Attack, which challenged us to take a favorite tune and bake it into a mac. Now for some reason I drew a blank and could not think of a favorite song that inspired a mac flavor/color. The only color song that kept popping into my head was “It’s not Easy Being Green.”

It’s not that easy making green
Baking macs the color of the leaves
When I think it could be easier making white, or brown or tan
Or something much less colorful like that

It’s not easy making green
It seems you blend in coloring with all the other things
And you don’t add more color ’cause you’re
Not wanting to overbeat your egg whites
Or mess up your macs

But green’s the color of apples
And green can be light and happy-like
And green can be sweet like a grape,
or sour like a candy, or chewy like a mac

When green is what you want to bake
It could make you wonder why, but why wonder why
Wonder, my macs are green and they’ll do fine, they’re delicious
And I’m glad it’s what I tried to bake.

Of course, the first picture isn’t of my sour apple caramel macs. This is my sour apple caramel mac failures.


My husband had the idea (of course I’m blaming him) to powder up sour apple Jolly Ranchers candies and substitute it for some of the powdered sugar. Maybe half powdered candies and half powdered sugar wasn’t the best idea ever, but if you love sour apple Jolly Ranchers, you would have loved these mac failures. I know we all did.

But the best thing about baking these mac failures was that I had a guest in my kitchen (the number 2) who baked macs with me. Kitty from Fahrenheit 350º came over to my house and baked with me. It was my first time meeting her and she is so nice. We had so much in common and it was so fun baking with her. We’ll definitely have to do it again.


Hers are the perfect little pink bubble gum flavored ones. That she filled with Nutella.


I couldn’t stand having two failed batches two months in a row, so I decided to stop being so daring and the next day made regular (green) almond macarons with the adapted Ottolenghi recipe. (Note to self: don’t put sprinkles on the bottom shells.)


Look at those beautiful little feet. I filled them with Nutella and am taking them to a Blogher meet and greet today, along with some chocolate macarons filled with caramel that I still need to make. Wish me luck!


Update: Here’s a picture of the final macs for the meet and greet. Probably my best macs ever.


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